Midland NC

          Located in the southern portion of cabarrus county.   The origin of the town is derived from its location approximately one-half way between Charlotte and Oakboro on the railroad line.  A short commute to major urban centers this rural oasis of approximately 3000 residence has plenty of open space to offer as an escape from fast paced city life.  It also offers some of the best available farm land in the piedmont for agricultural production.  Lower taxes, less expensive housing and real estate prices, combined with a rural flavor lacking in the urban areas make Midland quite an attractive area or those relocating to the area.

     Reed Gold Mine is located just east of the community and is the site of the first discovery of gold in the United States (a full 100 years before the California gold rush). The Reed Mine is now an historic site under State management and is open to the public. Visitors to the mine can tour a museum with extensive information and displays on North Carolina gold mining, and can walk through several hundred feet of mine tunnels

During the past two decades, new businesses have located just to the north of the community along the newly improved highway corridor.  Transportation is limited to automobile traffic, providing a respite from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

flights per day with nonstop service to many locations in North America as well as service to Europe and the Caribbean basin. Some air passengers also use the airport at Greensboro, N.C., or at Raleigh/Durham, although these latter airports are two hours or more travel time by automobile. The closest seaports are located along the Atlantic Ocean approximately 165 miles (266 km) east of the town.

Reed Gold Mine Midland NC

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